Philip II of Spain sent the Duke of Alba to break the will of a sturdy little Dutch nation, and bring them under his control.

The Duke ordered the count de Bossu to take Rotterdam. The Count decided to use cunning to capture it , it he could .
He summoned the Mayor and councilors and assured them that he had no intention of storming the city- all he wanted was some proof that the city was loyal!

Let them merely open the South Gate and permit a small detachment of soldiers to march through the city and out at the North Gate- then, he could send dispatches to his royal master assuring him that Rotterdam was loyal and obedient.

The Mayor and a few councilors accepted this suggestion and despite the suspicion of some, the South Gate was opened and a small detachment of Spanish troops entered…
But, hidden out of sight lay a much larger force which rushed through the gates and began setting fire to the buildings and indiscriminately killing all the citizens they met. Amid screams of terror people sought shelter the wooden doors to its cobbled yard.

Soon its many rooms were packed, and word was passed to retain absolute silence. Babies were hushed to sleep; older children were bidden not to utter a sound.

So the great house with its terror –stricken inmates waited for their impending death- or for God’s answer to their prayers.

Then a divine idea came to one of the men. Descending to the courtyard, he took a lamb that happened to be there, killed it and let its blood trickle underneath the huge doors into the market place beyond.

Silence reigned as they waited.

The shouts and screams drew nearer, and soon savages blow hit the wooden doors which creaked and groaned and nearly grave away.

Just then the Captain came up, “Don’t waste your time- the work has already done! Look at the blood! Move on!”

And when an hour or so later the Spaniards withdrew from the blackened remains of Rotterdam, a thousand men , women and children came out of that house ( Renamed the house of a thousand Terrors) saved by the blood of the lamb.

Human illustrations of the Gospels are always inadequate but most of us will realize how strikingly this true incident throws light upon the death of our Lord Jesus Christ when he became our substitute and savior.

This little lamb had no choice and no will. The Lord Jesus had both, but said before he suffered “Not my will but Yours be done”. Luck 22:42
He voluntary took the sinners’ place and died that we might all go free.