The Bible teaches that we have not kept God’s commandments but have violated them all; if not in deed, then in thought or word. We have not lived by the Golden Rules (see Matthew 22:37-40) all the time. We have fallen short of the standard that God has set.

There are not only sins of COMMISSION- in word, thought and deed- but according to God’s Word there are also sins of OMISSION- those things which we should have done that we have not-truly loving our neighbour!

How many times a day do we sin? It could be fifty to one hundred times, or even more. Psychologists will tell us that we forget 99% of all the things we have ever done wrong. We suppress them because we do not like to think about their unpleasantness.

Just suppose a person sinned only ten times a day or five, or even just three times! He would almost be like a walking angel! Imagine if the thought no unkind thoughts or lost his temper no more than three times a day, or failed to do what he ought toward God and man- he would be a very fine person, wouldn’t he?

Even if he were this good, he would have done wrong over one thousand times in one year! If he lived to the average age of 70, he would have sinned 70,000 times.

Think what would happen to an habitual offender in a criminal court of law who had 70,000 criminal offenses on his record!