One day a group of friends went down to a huge river full of crocodiles. In the distance they could see a man padding in a boat to reach the other side.
“If we could do that,” Said Sheik Omar, “We could cross the river too and see the other side.”

“Then let’s build a boat” Ahmed Suggested. “But what shall we build it with?” Suleiman inquired “Ask Sheik Omar, “Ahmed replied.

Sheik Omer though for a while,”That man’s boat looks as if it is made of mud,” he retorted “Shall we try that?”

So they worked very hard and made their boat. They left it to bake in the sun and when they returned a few days later it was dry and extremely hard.
“Looks good to me!” Omar observed.

So they all got in and began to paddle to the other side-but the mud become softer, until it all apart and dissolved.

Some were immediately eaten by the crocodiles-other drowned. No one survived.
However, Abdul had not trusted the idea in the first place and had stayed behind .He had seen the tragic fate of his friends and was sad that he’d that he’d never see them again.
Different people have put their trust in the things they thought would bring them to heaven- but God gives us only one way-through Jesus Christ.

If we try our own way we will surely fail to rech our paradise in heaven.
Jesus Said “ I am the WAY , the TRUTH , and the LIFE. No one comes to the father ( In Heaven) except through me.” (John 14:6)