Imagine you see a man struggling in the sea. He obviously cannot swim! What are you going to do? Would you go into the local bookstore and buy a book on basic swimming, rush back to the shore and throw the book to him, expecting him to read his way to safety?
Or would you dash out to his rescue?

If you were in trouble, would you prefer to be given a book to read or to be helped by someone who can assist you greatly in your time of need?
God did not just give us a book as His final revelation –He himself came in person as Jesus Christ to rescue us!

Conclusion: This story shows, to some extent, the difference between Islam and Christianity.

In Islam the only help Muslims have today is in their book called the Quran, which is supposed to be the final perfect revelation to solve mankind’s problem with eternal destiny.

In Christianity, However, God came personally to earth In Jesus Christ and offers His help for mankind to be saved. Jesus was the final perfect revelation of God on earth, but still today, God is with us through His Living Spirit and Christians never feel alone.
In compression the Quran is merely a book, whereas Christ is a living person.