When Yusuf was two years old his parents died in an accident. They left a large property as an inheritance. His uncle Hasan was appointed guardian. However he was an evil man – he sent young Yusuf far away to another relative and spread the message that the boy was dead. He then sold the land and spent the money on himself.

Yusuf grew up under the impression that he was a poor orphan – he was forced to work hard in the fields and had very little education – he could hardly read or write.

However, one day he did receive a curious letter from another uncle Abdallah who told him the whole sad story of how Hasan had robbed him of his inheritance.

Uncle Abdallah was extremely sorry for Yusuf and wanted to rectify the matter. He had worked extra hard for some time and had managed to buy back the property in Yusuf’s name and needed him to personally claim it.

What should Yusuf Do?
Amazed, he was not sure if he could trust the letter. He discussed it with his master and other elders but they only tried to dissuade him- what if he were to travel so far only to discover it was a trick? Yusuf was also filled with doubt.

Finally, against the will of his master, he left with his letter, which gave him specific directions. Every time he reread it he was filled with hope and confidence.

Upon arrival, he went straight to the Judge, who was able to confirm that the letter was true and he was, in fact, the wealthy owner of a large property.

There is little need to tell you how happy young Yusuf was and how he marveled at the beauty of all he now possessed. He promised to take special care of it and looked forward to when he would be able to thank his uncle Abdallah.

This story can be compared to the message of the Bible. It tells you about the inheritance God has prepared for you. –but the enemy Satan will try everything to distract you.
What will your decision be and who will you trust?

Ephesians 1:5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will.