Ali was a poor man. He operated a little shop and was just able to support his family. One day he was told of better jobs in far away country and sold his property. Leaving sufficient for his family, he took the rest of his money and set off.

Finding mediocre dwellings he began searching for this work-but to no avail. Rapidly his funds depleted. At the end of this month his landlord came for his rent, but Ali had to ask for an extension. The landlord was a kind man and agreed.

Still Ali could not find work by the end of the second month, when the landlord came again.

“I heard that you are a generous and merciful man” Ali pleaded “Could you not write off the past two month’s rental”

“It is true what you have heard of my generosity and mercy –but I am also just. You will have to pay your debt-I will give you one more month” the landlord replied.
In vain Ali sought work and he couldn’t borrow from his friends who were also poor. Then, one night there was a knock on his door.

It was not the landlord but his son –Ali was annoyed and tired to send him away. But the son accepted his wrath and said. “My father and I have seen your misery and I am here to help you. My father has encouraged me to sell a portion of my inheritance for you. Here is the money.-take it and use it to pay off debt. When father comes tomorrow give it to him”
However, instead of being grateful, Ali was proud and refused the gift .The son left hurt.
The next day when the landlord arrived Ali threw himself at his feet again pleading for mercy and forgiveness.

“Last night I sent you both mercy and forgiveness in the person of my son and you accepted neither him nor his gifts. Your opportunity is now gone .I can no longer show you compassion,” and Ali was immediately turned out into the street and the door was locked behind him.

He never found work and died shortly afterwards.

This story illustrates how many people are filled with pride and reject the gift of God –Forgiveness of all their sins through the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

As the landlord sent his son to Ali, so God has sent His spiritual Son Jesus.
It shows that God loves us all and wants us to be free- however we need to accept God’s way of forgiveness-not our own.

God is also just and therefore punishment has to be carried out. God sent His perfect Son who could pay for our transgression. Will you accept God’s way of forgiveness?