There was once a young king who was well known for his power and wealth, Everybody in his kingdom respected him greatly because of his wisdom and justice. One day he noticed a pretty, but very poor young girl in a remote village. He fell in love with her. Nobody knew anything about his feelings, not even the girl.

There would of course be no obstacle for the king to marry this girl and make her his queen.

However, how could he be sure that she would not marry him because of his money and power? He was determined to make sure that she would marry him because of genuine love. But how could he do this?

He knew that the only possibility was to become like her and then ask her to become his wife. Therefore he left his castle, clothed himself in shabby cloth and travelled on foot to that village.

Of course, he ran the risk that the girl would say “No” to him, but the king knew that this was the only way to know if the girl really loved him.

Conclusion: God also courts our love – He became man in Jesus. He arrived on Earth in a poor Stable. He hid his riches,

When the king in our story chose to become like one of his subjects, he still was the king and had lost nothing of his power and wealth. So God, too, when He became man, was still the almighty Creator and was ruling the universe.