No true Christian or Muslim will entertain the blasphemous idea that Jesus was born as a result of a physical union between God and Mary. It is an abhorrent sugessition to both. An illustration may help to clear the misconception a Muslim may have when hearing the term “Son of God”.

In the Malay language a lock is called “Kutshi” and a key “Ana-Kutshi”, which literally means “Son of a lock”. No Malay believes that one “Kutshi” mated with another “Kutshi” which resulted in the birth of an “Ana-Kutshi”.

The words simply indicate that the key belongs to the lock- that you cannot open the lock without the key! The two are complementary and belong together. A lock without a key is incomplete-even useless!
Similarly, in Arabia a traveller is called a “Son of the Road”- a local term understood by everyone.

It is this kind of term that Christians understand the Son ship of Jesus-He is the “Key”-opening the way to God.