These parables are to explain the nature of God. He is merciful, loving and holy; He is also righteous and just.

Shamuel was a Caucasian prince who lived about two hundred years ago. His people were constantly at war with Turks. Once he and his army besieged a Turkish city. As usual his mother accompanied him. One night he planned a surprise attack, but the enemy was waiting for him. His secret plans had been betrayed and the battle was lost.
In anger Shamuel announced that, if discovered, the traitor would be punished with one hundred lashed of the whip. In great secrecy another surprise attack was planned, but with the same result.
This time the traitor was discovered – Shamuel’s mother!

For three days he withdrew to his tent. What should he do? If he spared his mother, all would rightly say that he was unjust. If he punished her, all would say “Shamuel has no pity, not even for his mother!”

At long last he appeared and his army gathered expectantly. In a sinister manner he addressed his people “we lost two battles because of treason and our men were killed. There is no excuse- the crime was committed and punishment shall be executed according to my judgement- one hundred lashes! Righteousness and judgement must be maintained”.

His mother, pale and shivering with fear, was led into circle. The executioner lifted his whip- but , before the first lash struck, Shamuel cried out “ Wait- she is my mother. I am her flesh and blood. I will take the punishment for her!”

Removing his garment he stepped into the circle and commanded “Executioner, you dare not strike me more lightly than you would have the true victim. Do your duty-strike on”.
Lash after lash was struck until he fell down, unconscious. He survived though, against all expectations.

This event, perhaps more than any other in history, fits the picture of Christ. He was God in a human body. He had and has to execute righteous judgement, but in Hid perfect love He look on Himself our-my own, your own-sins and suffered the cruel but just consequences on the cross. He endured not only the cruel physical suffering, bad as that was, but the pure and holy God, took on Himself in Christ, all the shame and ugliness of our sins.