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Thanks for visiting this site Sure-Foundation. I believe all these biblical stuffs you find here would be a great blessing to you. I personally have been ministered a lot while going through each of these series which has been categorized very systematic way to get the whole message of God in a very lucid manner. These studies are produced to encourage Believers to study God’s Word in earnest. They are based on the Fundamental doctrinal basis of the reformation.
These Series helps us to know….

1. Your Personal Decision: To know Jesus
2. Christian Foundation: To know WHAT???
3. Christian Growth: To Know WHY ???
4. Christian Ethics: To know HOW???

Parables and Illustration: Designed to put Basic Fundamental Teaching of the Bible in an illustrative way to understand and share with all age group, specially to our Muslims friends.
John's Gospel : It is a “NEW LIVING TRANSLATION” Designed and printed in

ITALICS Verses: Tell you who Jesus Christ really is.
BOLD Verses: Tell you of God’s Love and Forgiveness.
UNDERLINED Verses: Tell you how to grow as a Christian

Always remember that as you study God’s Word you must compare scripture with scripture, which also means to compare translation with translation.

God bless you
In His Glory
Sabir Ali

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