An aged pearl –diver lived on the east Coast of India had decided to use the rest of his ife devotion to religion in order to prepare for the next life. His mind was set to go all the way on his knees to the holy city of Benares, on the shore of the holy River Ganges.

He had been befriended by a Christian, whom he invited for a final meal. He was the pearls-diver’s only friend and it appeared that there were no other relatives.

After the meal, the diver disclosed his plans and his friend could not discuss him….
“Your knees will be torn and you will die from the infection. “ He pleaded. “If I die on my ways to the holy Ganges” the diver replied, “My soul will be justly rewarded”
Later that night, before the friend was to depart, the diver moved a chest of drawers and rolled and rolled up a small mat revealing a secret hiding place. He brought out tiny parcel and opened it in the dim light of an oil lamp.

There lay a pearl of exceptional size and luster!
“You are the only person dear to me,” he said “I want you to have this pearl! “ But it is worth a fortune! Exclaimed the friend, “I cannot accept such a gift!”
The pearl-diver’s eyes became distant, “I had a son,” he began, “He was the best diver along this cost. He could dive deeper and longer than any of us. One day we were diving under the most perfect conditions. I was in the boat while he went down to loosen the shells which I would then open with my knife...

Then it happened! He had spotted a very large shell much deeper down. He went for it but it was fastened to the corals. He tried to lever it loose. Time ran out but he persisted.
After what seemed hours he surfaced, blood pouring from his mouth. He died in my arms…

I found this pearl inside that shell. I can never sell it. It is too dear to me!”
“But it is worth a fortune, can I not buy it from you? Let me give you something for it, like a hundred pounds,” pleaded the friend.

The old diver becomes indigent. “You want to PAY me a measly hundred pounds for something my son died for? No man can pay what it is worth to me! But I meant you to have it as a gift...”

“You see,” the Christian replied, “You try to pay God for what His Son died for, namely your sins. Don’t you think offend God by trying to pay for something which is priceless?
The Pearl-Diver understood immediately. He did not try to walk to Benares on His knees- instead he accepted the Gift of God- pardon for his sins!