Many people wonder why we go to such lengths to be friend them and tell them about our faith in Jesus Christ- Often to the point of nauseous irritation.
A man once spent sixty years searching for the secret of life and truth- until one day he discovered it- right there under his very nose!

He had spent thousands of dollars travelling the world. He had been frustrated for hundreds of hours, he had searched high and low for something that was staring him an millions of other right in their faces-it was smile so obvious and he had finally found it.

Does he now hide it and keep it to himself, to be lost again when he dies? Or does he try to explain it to one person and then another?

Does he despair when it is so clear to him yet others cannot grasp it? Or does he persist until the other person catches his enthusiasm.

One man, we all know, created the electric light bulb from a piece of cotton that he just happened to be holding at the time. Today, thanks to his persistence, millions of people no longer fear of the darkness of night.

If, through our own persistence in spreading the light of Jesus Christ, we can, with God’s help, free just a few people from their fear of eternal darkness, our mission will be partly accomplished.
The Bible tells us to go and spread the Good news- I pray that this small soft ebook will help you to do it.