Three friends of the king get into tremendous trouble in a foreign land and are arrested.
The king is deeply grieved and sends his son to free them.

Overpowering the guard he slips the key through the tiny window to his father’s friends.
However, instead of making a hasty escape, they sit there and start examining the key, adding their own comments to their discussion, not believing that the key will fit in the lock.

They even start to change it, breaking off pieces here and there. They even manage to add pieces.

Finally, they try it in the lock-but to no avail!!
Embarrassed, they start to mock the king’s son arguing that he had never given then a key at all.

This story illustrates how many people who hear the Truth of God (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) misuse it, often distorting it beyond recognition.

Eventually, instead of trusting it as the Truth, they reject it completely.