(Take from a conversation between Dr. Ussher, a Christian missionary, and Sir.Ahmed, a Circassian noble man who lived in Constantinople, Turkey and who was appointed Vali of the providence of Van after Abdul Hamid).

“Will you kindly tell me what you think I must do to enter paradise?”
“Your Excellency” the Christian replied, “I believed that God, for Jesus Christ’s sake, pardons my sins and will receive me into Paradise.

“No sir, I cannot accept that, “replied Sir, Ahmed, “I might, for your sake, pardon one of your friends who was in prison for debt (Turkish law imprisoned a debtor until his debt was paid in full), but if I did so I would not be upholding true justice in this state.
If God could do that kind of thing He would be no more righteous than I am. I cannot believe that of Him. What do you say now, Doctor?

“Your Excellency, “ Dr.Ussher replied, “I will use an illustration… Assume that I am in prison for a large debt to the Government which I cannot repay. You are the king and have a son. You both love me, but must uphold true justice. Together you agree to pay my debt and your son comes in person, pays and is given a receipt.

All that is needed now is my acceptance of your gracious provision, sending for me in the person of your princes says to me ‘Rise, friend, you are free I have paid your debt.
I may do one of three things.

Out of pride I may refuse to accept your kindness and wound the one who loves me.
Or I might say that I cannot believe it , and fear to discover the truth ,if I were compelled to leave the prison not believing in my freedom I would live iin fear of the police and hide in my home. Without faith or belief within my heart I have.

But, thirdly, I could believe it and be grateful an deal at your son’s feet saying ‘Thank you, I have nothing to give in return (since my pennies to your pounds would be an insult) so I will Endeavour to show my gratitude through my life”

But this is not at all, “the doctor continued, “The princes takes and gives me the Hamam (Turkish Bath-the most through cleansing known). My prison clothes, with all their filth, are thrown into the fire, and that is that- the end of my past life.

Your son then clothes me as prince and brings me before you, the king. This is the way I understand Christianity – God is the King and Jesus Christ, His Son, Paid the sinner’s debt by willingly dying upon the cross –and, by the power of God, rising from the dead on the third day. I believe it and I know that I am free.

If you will believe it also, it will believe it also, it will mean as much to you as it does to me.
What will be my attitude toward the prince now?” the doctor continued, “I see him coming on horseback down a narrow alley but someone has dumped enough firewood in the street to block his way. What shall I do?

Should I wait till he arrives and say “what will you give me to remove this for you? Or should I quickly remove the obstruction before he comes and then proudly and joyfully salute him as he passes, willingly showing my gratitude for all that he has done for me?”