We illustrate that sincerity, as important as it is, is not enough to establish truth; during a big fire in the city a woman was seen frantically waving for help from a balcony high up in the blazing inferno.

The fire brigade eventually arrived just in time for a fireman to reach her.
“But my baby daughter is still inside!” She cried. With a heroic effort the fireman fought his way through the blaze and was soon able to place a tiny bundle into the arms of the relieved mother.

But when she uncovered the face there was a scream of despair. It was not her daughter but a doll which had been retrieved- it was now too late to correct the error. Her baby perished in the fire.

Do you think that the fireman had “Intentionally” rescued the wrong “baby”? Certainly not!

Did the mother give the wrong information to the fireman? Of course not!!
They were both absolutely sincere toward each other- but sincerely mistaken!

In our search for eternal life we must find full assurance that we are on the right path- and KNOW the truth!

“It is a matter of life or death!”