Carbon Dioxide instead of oxygen was administrated to a patient and death resulted almost immediately.

The tragedy occurred while the patient was being prepared for a very minor operation. A trained anesthetist was administering the normal controlled mixture of gas and oxygen when the latter ran out. A new tank marked “Oxygen” was substituted.

The autopsy revealed CO2 positioning and the new tank was found to contain the deadly gas. It had been incorrectly labeled before reaching the hospital!

The manufacture was sincere; the hospital was sincere; the anesthetist was sincere; the surgeon was sincere and certainly, the patient was sincere!

No one wanted the tragedy t happen. All were sincerely mistaken about the “Oxygen” The incident demonstrates that sincerely is NOT enough CERTAINITY must be coupled with SINCERITY.

There is a verse which says “there is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death...” Proverbs 14:12. Too many people are always saying “As long as I am sincere, I’ll be all right in the end” – but they are SINCERELY mistaken!

One must be absolutely certain regarding eternal truths as much as in matters pertaining to health.

Too many things are incorrectly labeled “Salvation”, “Forgiveness” “Life” “Peace” “Security” and Satisfaction”

How can one be one absolutely sure in such all important matters? By taking God at His word.

There is every reason to believe Him- for He loved us to the point for dying for our sins on the cross. He now lives forever to save all who come unto God through Jesus.